BuiltHub talks "Climate Resilient Buildings" at European Resilience Forum

23 October 2023

BuiltHub talks

From 18 - 20 October, the European Urban Resilience Forum (EURESFO) brought leading city representatives and resilience professionals together in Cascais (Portugal) to mark the flagship event’s 10th anniversary. More than 350 participants from 44 countries convened to discuss a shared vision to implement a resilient transformation across Europe.Through interactive sessions, study visits and discussions, participants took stock of urban resilience in Europe and discussed the question: What is needed to help local and regional governments address resilience challenges towards 2030 and beyond?

On Friday 20 October, BuiltHub hosted a strategic panel “Data-driven Retrofits: Upgrading to Climate Resilient Buildings” attended by nearly 40 participants, where consortium partner (Buildings Performance Institute Europe (BPIE), represented by Judit Kockat and ICLEI, represented by Marcelo Lamkowski, took the floor to speak about BuiltHub Platform and Community. Pablo Amador (Instituto Valenciano de la Edificación (IVE)), representing H2020 sister project MODERATE spoke about its analysis of real-time data to provide information on and indicators of buildings’ performance … While researcher Dr. Shaojuan Xu (ILS City of Dortmund) presented the Catch4d project and its use of thermographic surveys to create 3D thermal model of buildings, Elissavet Bargiannifrom Athens spoke about the building situation in Athens and how data can be of use.

The case of Athens - where over 60% of emissions comes from buildings, clearly demonstrates the utility of buildings data. “Athens is a very densely built city, with no room for new construction. Therefore, the focus is on retrofit, which has been boosted by the tourism in recent years” says Elissavet Bargianni. With new data, it will be possible for the city to assess how the rate of renovation and retrofit has improved in the recent years!

All in all it was a session that showcased the importance of retrofitting buildings with the use of smart technology and information platforms. Building data sharing, aggregation, analysis and can serve as a transmission piece between building and renovation policy and practical implementation on the local and building levels, which improve the resilience of buildings. BuiltHub also had the opportunity to network at the study visit, Marketplace, and more.

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