Paper highlights potential BuiltHub data analysis services

1 March 2022

Paper highlights potential BuiltHub data analysis services

In February 2022 RISE published an academic paper in the academic journal "Building and Environment" about the development of machine learning methods to analyse building stock information and facilitate material quality assurance economic assessments.

Using the wealth of data available on the BuiltHub platform, it is possible to make predictions and find patterns in data that can be of value to stakeholders. The focus of this particular paper is to predict the presence of hazardous materials in building such as asbestos or PCBs to assist building owners and authorities in preventing health dangers and to make better economic assessments of renovation or demolition costs and lead times.

This work informed part of a case study in BuiltHub deliverable D4.4 “Description of a workflow on data transformation and implementation” (still to be published). The risk assessment tool could be provided via the BuiltHub Platform as a service for stakeholders in the construction and demolition waste sector.

Read the article in full here.

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