BuiltHub presented at Concerted Action EPBD plenary meeting

31 May 2021

BuiltHub presented at Concerted Action EPBD plenary meeting

On May 28, 2021, the BuiltHub project was presented at the plenary meeting of the Concerted Action EPBD (CA EPBD). The Concerted Action EPBD addresses the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive.

With a presentation titled, “BuiltHub - roadmap for data collection and knowledge creation on Europe’s building stock”, BuiltHub's very own Ulrich Filippi Oberegger participated in Session #20. This session was dedicated to discussing 'Long-term Renovation Strategies' (LTRS), with a particular focus on building stock monitoring and on the implementation of related policies. Although the session was not open to the public, the BuiltHub presentation can be viewed here.

The work of the CA EPBD is of particular interest to the BuiltHub project, as it also contributes to the reduction of energy use in European buildings through an exchange of knowledge. Unlike BuiltHub, which focuses on the exchange and use of building-related data, the CA EPBD is focuses more broadly on energy efficiency and energy savings in Europe. It does however, have a working group focused specifically on the impact and capacity of data-related policies.

Consisting of representatives of national ministries from each EU Member State, plus Norway, the CA EPBD is well supported to contribute to EU energy efficiency policy. The Energy Performance of Buildings Directive itself, is a significant legislative component in EU energy efficiency policy. It was adopted to contribute to the Kyoto commitment, securing energy supply and competitiveness.

Find out more about the CA EPBD here. Discover other European energy efficiency, policy and research frameworks and strategies that Builthub is strategically linked to, here.

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