BuiltHub kicks off!

21 October 2020

BuiltHub kicks off!

Given the lack of comprehensive and reliable data on the EU building stock, BuiltHub will develop a structured and inclusive data collection approach, as well as an easy to access and use datahub, in the shape of an online platform which will be fed into thanks to users and data providers.

The detailed knowledge of building stock features and performances has a potential positive disruptive effect on the ability of the European Commission to design effective policies targeting buildings in view of the 2050 strategy and the European Green Deal.

The project aims to build upon the building stock observatory database and related analytics for making the data flow easier, resilient and safe. In this project, BPIE’s role is to ensure active and long-lasting stakeholders’ participation in order to collect data which fits the needs of key actors and end-users.

The project will last 48 months and will involve 8 partners from 7 European countries: EURAC (coordinator), TU Wien, EVERIS, Sympraxis, ICLEI, BPIE, RISE and CARTIF.

Kick - Off Meeting screenshot (EURAC) by "EURAC"

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