European Commission unveils enhanced EU Building Stock Observatory

28 February 2024

European Commission unveils enhanced EU Building Stock Observatory

The European Commission has launched a new and improved version of the EU Building Stock Observatory (BSO), a web tool established in 2016 to monitor energy performance and decarbonisation-related building data across all EU countries. This significant revamp includes more reliable data for basic building stock indicators, higher quality data visualisations, and a more user-friendly interface, ensuring continuous updates and improvements.

The updated BSO now draws from the latest and most reliable data sources, including Eurostat, national statistics offices in Member States, and the Horizon Europe Hotmaps project. This enhancement enables consistent comparisons across various models covering the years 2016 to 2020. The platform provides comprehensive data on the number of buildings per country, residential and non-residential buildings, constructed floor area surface rates, renovation rates, and total final energy consumption. Additionally, new indicators and an easy-to-navigate structure make the data accessible to a wide range of users, from policymakers to industry stakeholders.

This ambitious upgrade aims to establish the BSO as the central hub for European building stock data, contributing to improved transparency on energy efficiency under the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive. The development is led by partners including Guidehouse, the Danish Energy Agency, along with BuiltHub consortium partners BPIE, EURAC Research, and TU Wien, in close coordination with DG ENER and DG DIGIT. Funded through the European Commission’s LIFE programme and managed by CINEA, the revamped BSO is set to further enhance its offerings with a second version launching in early 2024, promising more data granularity, better visualisations, and user experience enhancements.

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