Celebrating the Success of BuiltHub

15 May 2024

Celebrating the Success of BuiltHub

On May 14, 2024, BuiltHub hosted a final event in Brussels to mark the culmination of the project aimed at transforming the European building stock. Held at the ICLEI Brussels Office, the conference brought together key stakeholders from the building, research, and private sectors, as well as notable EU figures, to celebrate the strides made and explore the future impact of BuiltHub’s outcomes.

The event began with a guided walking tour of energy-efficient and sustainable buildings in Brussels, setting the stage for a day focused on innovation in building data and policy. 

Following a welcoming lunch, participants engaged in sessions discussing the significance of BuiltHub, its success stories, and the role its outcomes will play in supporting the recent recast of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive.

Keynote speakers Iletra Papadaki, Sylvain Robert, and Bogdan Atanasiu highlighted how BuiltHub’s roadmap and platform have established a sustainable data flow, critical for defining the status of the EU building stock. Sessions also delved into how machine learning is integrated within BuiltHub, and explored business models and marketing strategies to ensure the continued impact of BuiltHub’s tools and resources.

The day concluded with a networking cocktail, offering attendees the chance to discuss insights and forge new connections. This event not only celebrated BuiltHub’s achievements over the past four years but also framed its ongoing influence on the European building landscape.

A recording of the event can be found here.

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