Get Engaged with BuiltHub

To make BuiltHub relevant for real-life planning needs and ensure a more sustainable and meaningful data flow for a cost-effective and rapid building stock decarbonisation, we want to engage with you!

Why join the BuiltHub stakeholder community?

BuiltHub will develop knowledge that can fit needs of different stakeholders, and support policy definition for EU building stock decarbonization, making it faster and cost-effective. BuiltHub will support renovation of buildings by providing the right data for targeted investments and project decisions based on real-life potential.

  • Access overall and specific EU building stock analytics and knowledge serving both private and public benefits
  • Receive added value services tailored to your needs and data, such as quality analysis, comparison and cross-referencing with other datasets, data transformations, visualisations and benefit from community contributions to the latest EU building stock information and knowledge, supporting ongoing research and development
  • Shape BuiltHub’s inclusive, user-friendly and benefit-driven online platform offering building stock data and analytics and bringing together the community, ensuring the platform meets your specific needs
  • Benefit from investment planning support based on high quality building stock data, allowing a shift towards high-accuracy investment scenarios
  • Participate in making data-driven policy change and new business model development related to energy and buildings
  • Gain exposure and learning from a diverse range of actors involved in energy efficiency financing, real estate and construction industry, energy services, academia and policy makers at all levels of governance, by joining BuiltHub events, webinars, and tailored stakeholder workshops

How to engage:
  • Take part in surveys, questionnaires, and interviews to help us better understand how the BuiltHub platform can be shaped to meet your needs as a stakeholder
  •  Contribute with your data to help us build a state-of-the-art European dataset on the building stock
  • Meet us at event (both online and offline) to exchange knowledge with the BuiltHub stakeholder community and stay up to date with the progress on the BuiltHub project  
  • Test the BuiltHub platform and be a first user, providing feedback on its relevance, content, functionalities, and user-friendliness to ensure it meets real-life planning needs.
  • Receive exclusive trainings and regular project updates and dive deep with us into how the future of our buildings and buildings data  will look like.
  • Help us promote the BuiltHub platform and responsible and meaningful data collection by helping us to share our project findings and attract BuiltHub platform users!


Participation is free and there are no mandatory requirements. Involvement is entirely up to you, and you have the right to deny participating at any time without justification. All we need to get started are a few answers from you:

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By filling out the above form, you accept that we add your contact details to BuiltHub's stakeholder database. You will be contacted by members of the consortium for engagement actions such as surveys, interviews and online/offline events, and will receive our newsletter twice a year. Your contact details will be kept in the database until the end of the project’s lifetime and will be strictly confidential and available to the partners of the BuiltHub project on a need-to-know basis. We respect your inbox and have a strict no-spamming policy.